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DRAKC15AM12(15) House is Burden

DRAKC15AM5 (30) Kwik and Easy

DRAKC15AM13 (:15) Kwik & Easy

DRAKC15AM11 (15) Need to Sell House Kwik

DRAKC15AM3 (15) No Repairs No Commisions

DRAKC15JH2c Customized Commercial-Jeff Hammond- Charlotte,NC

DRAKC15JH2c Customized Commercial-AlexJoungblood -
Hampton Roads,VA


DRAKC30LND1(30) Kwik Cash Lenders


DRAKC30L Kwik Cash House Buyer

DRAKC60L Kwik Cash Lender

Does It Cost Me Anything To Get An Offer?
NO! The KWIK CASH Homebuyers can come to you and give you a KWIK CASH offer at no cost or obligation to you!

Real Estate Investors

You can become a licensed affiliate in your area. We license counties exclusively so that means you will be the only KWIK CASH Homebuyer in your area.

You can also receive the internet leads as part of your license or just receive the telephone calls from the advertising. Or you can just purchase the internet leads.

We are flexible. Don't assume your territory is gone. Call us now at 866-802-0834.

It is 6:45pm and this is the first moment I had to drop you a quick note.  Why?  This weekend Ellen launched the new 1-800-KWIK-CASH commercial with me in it & I just wanted to say WOW!!!  I received 16 phone leads and 4 Internet leads.  Today, I turned several into listings and wholesaled a few of those. 

Even though I joke around with you about being arrogant and full of yourself, it is your passion for this business and knowledge that led me to your company.  The starting results of this advertising campaign have shown me, you are not like other companies selling vanity numbers, Direct Response provides the assistance\guidance of an advertising company at a reasonable price.  Your new motto should be, "You make deals and leave the advertising to us".  Thanks again to your staff for all of their support.

Jeff Hammond

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